Thank you for visiting! was originally started in 2005 to help promote the One-Tonne Challenge campaign in Abbotsford, BC. I travelled across all ten Canadian provinces and back during my 100 MPG Challenge. That was in my first smart car, and since then, I have owned 5 more, and still have one today as of April 2017

For the last 12 years, fuel efficiency, the smart car, and the ScanGauge Fuel Economy Computer were the main focus of the website. Mercedes-Benz Canada is discontinuing the smart car with an internal combustion engine in Canada at the end of the 2017 model year, and as well, car2Go is changing their cars over to other MB products. With the demise of the smart brand in Canada and the USA, the website no longer is viable in itís old and out-dated format

New content might appear here in the future, but no guarantee when

Many thanks to John Vissers, MrGigabyte, Mike Tippett, Steven Morehouse, Marie Harwood, Dave Lapp and Steve Gilding for their help and support over the years! And to the GreenCarCo and Linear Logic - hats off to you!

smart cars can be serviced in the Vancouver area by Eddy Lai of Flying Tiger

Great info on maintaining your diesel and gas smart cars can still be found at

And yes, I really was able to get 100 mpg (US) out of a smart diesel

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